Learn how to make the most of fitness trackers to improve your health.
Kampefit Health Trackers:

Why do you need one?

Our bodies are built to move. One of the worst things you can do to your body is doing nothing atall. When you sit for a long time at work or in front of a television you put yourself at risk of obesity, cancer, increased blood sugar levels, heart complications and other health issues.

To keep healthy and fit, you have to constantly be on the move. Over time, fitness experts have recommended that in order to keep healthy and fit a total step of 10,000 daily is needed.

But how does one determine the number of steps taken? Before now it has been almost impossible to answer that question, however with the advent of fitness trackers and monitors times have changed. These monitors, which can be worn around the wrist, collars and belts, records how much you move throughout the day.

Owners of these devices have also found joy in using them, give them a chance and they’ll fill your ears with stories about how many steps they’ve taken that day, how much weight they’ve lost, how many hours of deep sleep they had and so on.

While there are plenty of fitness trackers, each with varying price tags, you can almost always find one to fit your taste and pocket. However, many people who haven’t jumped on the fitness tracker bandwagon are wondering: Are these gadgets worth the money? Let’s find out

What does a fitness tracker do?

Fitness trackers help users learn a great deal about themselves. For example, you might think you are a fairly active person (exercising regularly, walking for a high period of time etc.) but owning a fitness monitor might show that aside the time spent exercising, for the majority of the day you are sedentary.

They typically combine a wearable device with a smartphone app to view data collected about your movements. Its designed to not only measure your steps but also calculate time spent sitting at your desk in the office, time spent in front of a television, and even your sleeping habits. All these creates a complete picture of your behaviors and help you understand how you need to improve.

  • 01 Count Your steps

    Almost every fitness tracker contains a device known as accelerometer, it measures how fast something changes speed or direction. When wearing a fitness tracker, this tool helps the device count the number of steps taken and measure movement made.

  • 02 Monitors Heart Rate

    A powerful function of fitness trackers is its heart rate monitor. This way it measures your pulse during activity and while at rest. Some can check your vital signs such as skin temperature and level of perspiration and combine this data with your pulse rate to show how hard you are working out.

  • 03 Monitor your Sleep

    Fitness trackers can track your sleep quality. They detect motion while you’re lying down to figure out when you are awake, in light sleep or in deep sleep. The motion detectors detect how much you move at night and use this information to calculate your sleep patterns.

  • 04 Notifies you of messages

    An important feature of smart bands is how they alert you to notifications from your phone. They can alert you when you have incoming calls, texts, e-mail, WhatsApp messages and even social media posts. Advanced fitness trackers even allow you to end calls directly from your wrist.

Other features of fitness trackers include Sedentary alert, Calories burned tracker, Music control etc.

Fitness Tracker in Nigeria:

Who needs it?

You may be wondering if owning a fitness tracker can motivate a change in your health habits. Yes, it can. Research has shown that after owning a fitness tracker, almost every single user increases their physical activity. In fact, some users go on to use the same smart bracelet for almost 2 years.

As a user puts it “These days I have become more aware of how active I am and I need to be in order to feel healthy and energized. I spend less time sitting at the office, my watch notifies me when I’ve sat for longer than 30mins.

A smart watch would be especially useful for people who need to:

  • • Reduce number of hours spent sitting / behind desks (for health reasons)

  • • Reduce weight by burning calories

  • • Avoid risks of heart diseases by burning fat faster

  • • Improve alertness during the day by monitoring sleep

  • • Reduce back ache and fatigue through regular exercise and activity (for example pregnant women and aged people)

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